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1 month ago

Master Social Media Marketing In A Couple Of Easy Steps

A lot of people use social media every day. People are interacting with each other on social media day and night. Thanks to social media websites, potential customers share your information for free with their friends and family easily. This is a good idea for people who want to show people what they have and want it to reach a lot of people in just a little time. If you need to reach more people, you need to read the following info that will help your business thrive and grow.

Think twice about paying for a professional social media marketing service. There are a large number of firms that simply seek to defraud and prey on business owners who do not have experience with internet mar

1 month ago

Is Medical Science Making Us Sick?

The idea portrayed to the public is that we have never had it better. The gold standard measure of health, life expectancy, is the highest it has ever been. But all is not as it seems.

The average life expectancy for a British man born today is seventy-five. In 1900, the figure was only fifty years. On paper, this would seem an impressive triumph for the people in white suits in making us healthier and more resistant to disease. It's not; this is purely down to a reduction in enfant mortality - one century ago, this was the number one cause of death and now it is incredibly rare. These developments in understanding for new-born children were made in the early part of the 20th century,

2 months ago

What You Need to Know About Psychotropic Drugs

The phrase "psychotropic drugs" is a technical term for psychiatric medicines that alter chemical levels in the brain which impact mood and behavior.

A yearlong ABC News investigation has been looking at the overuse of these medicines in America's foster children.

Antipsychotics, antidepressants, ADHD drugs, anti-anxiety medications and mood stabilizers are some of the more commonly used psychotropic drugs in this country.


While doctors aren't exactly sure how antipsychotics work, most experts believe antipsychotics block specific dopamine receptors in the brain, which are thought to be overactive in patients with symptoms of psychoses, such as ha

4 months ago

Public Relations and Personal Selling

Blythe (2009, 193) described personal selling as the interactive process whereby a buyer and a seller negotiate an exchange process, the process usually being carried out in a face-to-face encounter between the parties. The significant importance of personal selling is that it offers the company to have two way communications with the potential buyer(s) of the company's service(s). However, to ensure that advantages of personal selling are fully maximized, the company's representative would have to ensure that the message being delivered is tailored to the subject that is of significant importance or interest to the would-be customer. Drucker (1973, 56) stated that "the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous". Therefore, the responsibility rests on the company and its representatives to identify what exactly the needs of customers are so that such needs can be adequately addressed and catered for.

It suffices to say that personal selling is a very effective tool to market the company's services but what is more effective is the quality or the perceive quality ,unmatched benefits of the service being rendered to the business customer. Business customers want to know what problem the service can help solve and how will the service help them serve their customers better than the competitors. Blythe (2009, 195) further suggested that "the emphasis in selling practice is not on telling prospects about the products, but on asking questions about the prospects needs. Persuasive talks are not necessary if appropriate questions are asked: questions not only help in finding customers' needs, they also help to lead the discussion in a particular direction".

This is a deliberate, planned and sustained effort by the company in order to establish and maintain an understanding between an organization and any group which the company needs to communicate. In the entire life span of a company, there is constantly a need to always communicate with the public in one way or the other. The company may find it difficult to accomplish its organizational goal if it fails to identify who the company's publics are and equally identify the mechanism and strategy of communication. The possible 'publics' of a business may include employees, trade unions, the general public, customers, media, government, pressure groups etc. The essence of public relations is to influence the 'publics' opinions about the company. And this can be achieved by taking steps to adequately reinforce positive public opinions about the company and on the other hand, the company has to make copious effort to neutralize the public opinions that are quite unfavorable. For a company to ensure that favorable healthcare advertising jobs salary opinions are reinforced and unfavorable ones are counteracted, it is has to endeavor to make abundant information available to its 'publics'. The means to therefore make ample information available can be through the six points listed below (Dann & Dann 2011, 203.)

1. Trade press releases

2. The company's website

3. Business press releases

4. The company brochures and videos

5. Newsletters and company magazines

6. Intranet and emails etc.

4 months ago

New Long-Term Data on VIVITROL® Showed Sustained Efficacy and Safety over 18 Months of Treatment


plc (NASDAQ: ALKS) today presented positive results from a long-term

study of VIVITROL

5 months ago

Medicine :: Tinnitus: The Start of Constant Ear Noise

In searching for the cause of tinnitus, remember there is seldom a single cause for any health problem. It is important to consider cofactors, direct and indirect causative agents and various life situations that fit together in a person's life Prosthodontist is a dentist with special skills like pieces of a puzzle. Since tinnitus is the topic of this discussion, each potential cause of tinnitus - by itself - might not be sufficient to bring about this problem.

However, when evaluated as a whole, a more complex and multi-layered interplay of small and large causes for a case of tinnitus becomes apparent.

Several possible causes can combine and interact; together they can start a complex and unique health problem, like tinnitus, that could not be initiated by any one of them alone. Common medical causes of tinnitus

There are typically two basic medical explanations for the cause of tinnitus. First, tinnitus can occur as an end result of another health problem like hearing loss or high blood pressure, so it can be merely a sign of a preexisting problem that is actually more serious. The other is that tinnitus can often be a symptom of almost any ear disorder, including: For example, any problem from an ear infection, to Meniere's disease, or a perforated ear drum to a sinus infection, or a ear canal blocked by ear wax to a tumor of the middle ear, or cervical spine osteoarthritis to severe weight loss due to excessive dieting, or chemical damage to ear (aspirin, caffeine, alcohol, antibiotics, barbiturates, quinine, NSAIDS (motrin, naproxen, Relafen), Lipitor, Lasix and other "loop" diuretics, etc.). Tinnitus is a potential side effect with 200+ prescription and nonprescription drugs. In this type of tinnitus, it usually disappears when the underlying chemicals or drugs are reduced or stopped.

In addition, less common causes of tinnitus can arise as a consequence specialist dentist prosthodontist to other disorders: anemia, heart and blood vessel disorders (hypertension, arteriosclerosis), tumor of the auditory nerve, or low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism). For sensitive individuals, whose number might be actually quiet high, the mercury found in common amalgam dental fillings can be the cause of chronic tinnitus. Noises in the ear could also be the signal of being overwhelmed with stress and work.

Exercise can also be a cause of tinnitus by creating micro-injury to the ear mechanism, resulting in abnormal auditory function. The New England Journal of Medicine in February 1991 stated that a common and insidious cause of tinnitus was the repetitive, powerful and sudden jarring force of contact sports and high-impact exercise.

As part of the natural aging process, deterioration of the cochlea and related reduced hearing ability due to old age (presbycusis) can also be a cause of tinnitus. And lastly, although not entirely clear to medical researchers, but explained on the Tinnitus Treatment Institute website, the ongoing daily stresses associated with the activities of daily living can start and worsen tinnitus.

The Tinnitus Treatment Institute has long recommended that anyone suffering from tinnitus should undergo active Alternative Medicine treatment following the therapy guidelines suggested throughout its website.

The Tinnitus Treatment Institute specializes in using safe and effective Alternative Medicine therapies to assist healing and repair related to those who suffer from constant ear noises. For additional information go to

5 months ago

Cleft surgery boosts economy, gives developing nations reason to smile-charity | Reuters

DAKAR, March 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Born in Ghana

with a cleft lip and palate, baby Kodjo was on the brink of

being drowned in a river by his family in a religious sacrifice

until a passing villager intervened.

The baby, who had been unable to feed properly due to the

birth defect and was considered cursed because of it, was sent

to local cleft surgeon Solomon Obiri-Yeboah, who repaired the

split in Kodjo's lip and mouth.

Babies born with cleft lip or palate in West Africa often go

untreated due to a lack of trained surgeons and facilities, and

the cost of the surgery, and many are ostracised by their